Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to our online store www.aloedicreta.com (hereinafter mentioned as eshop) . The eshop, belongs to the Company "Kappa Lamda Omega Advertising Ltd", located in Athens, on 10, Petrou Ralli str., with VAT number 800618800, Tax Office ST’ in Athens, tel. Contact 2130247642,  e-mail: info@aloedicreta.com . Our eshop carries on trading, from distance products through our e-shop www.aloedicreta.com , conformant to the requirements of the Greek Law N. 2251/1994, in combination with the Greek Law N. 4242/2014 and the applicable legislation.

Your access and use of this website by any registered or non-visitor shall be governed by the terms of use and operation of the website.

Each and every visitor, user or customer of the shop under the name of website www.aloedicreta.com  before accessing, browsing and in any way using this website (such as: registration, online order, browse, search beauty and health advice , transaction), states clearly, expressly and unreservedly that fully accepts the terms of use and operation of the website (the terms) and any other condition that meets the requirements of the law and can be located within this website, in addition to this text, but not limited to the following positions: ways of ordering, payment, delivery, return policy (these terms by adding the terms that are in the above positions form part of the terms of transactions with the www.aloedicreta.com . Applicable for terms, apply to any other condition that meet the requirements of the law and may be located within this website, beyond this text. The unconditional acceptance of the above terms, is a condition of access and use of this website. 
The acceptance of the terms is inherent in a conspicuous place, and access to them will be indicated and facilitated by appropriate, according to business ethics. The terms contained in this website, which have been formulated in advance for future contracts (general terms of transactions), bind the consumer, as far as the requirements of the law are concerned, are instructed, that is, their existence from our online store and gives the opportunity to the consumer to receive actual knowledge of their content (Art. 2 Par. 1st N.2251 / 1994). A user’s registration on this website constitutes an automatic, unconditional acceptance of use and operating conditions of the site and the transaction with the website ofarmakopoiosmou.gr store constitutes an automatic, unconditional acceptance of the terms of trade in general.

Please read carefully the terms below and the other above terms, before you take any action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this website and as you comply with them.

Terms & Condition – Privacy Policy

Terms & conditions of the eshop www.aloedicreta.com and Privacy Policy describe: 
1. The collection of personal data for users, members & customers of eshop www.aloedicreta.com .
2. The use of these data from eshop under the terms and conditions described in this site.
Our online shop collects only personal information absolutely necessary to allow the shipment of products to the address and the name of the customer. The eshop states and the client accepts that personal data collected from www.aloedicreta.com and referring to the client will be used for managing the order and promote and execute the commercial agreement. This information will be used for future promotional campaigns created by eshop.

As user of our eshop, is considered everyone that access the online eshop aiming at purchasing one or more products available to it, that is to the online shop www.aloedicreta.com 

Members of the eshop is considered everyone subscribed to it aiming to place an order, complete a purchase or get informed for eshop’s promotional campaigns.. They register as Customers through the field “Register as Member” or/and “Register as guest” in our eshop or/and through the field “Create an account” or/and through the Newsletter Registration.

By accessing, browsing, using, registering with, or placing an order on the eshop you fully and unconditionally accept these Terms & Conditions of Use.


Your personal information may be used in order to:
- to ensure the smooth and effective transaction between customer and eshop
- to measure the traffic of our website and
- to evaluate the use of our Sites, products and services and understand your browsing and shopping habits

www.aloedicreta.com does not disclose to third parties any personal data of its clients/users without their former consent.


When you use the site www.aloedicreta.com either through online ordering or ordering by phone, you consent to provide us with data that include postal address, your email address, home telephone number and mobile number. Aloe di Creta will never make use of your personal information for purposes others than the ones stated in the current text. We may change the Terms & Conditions and/or privacy policy from time to time without any prior notice with the only obligation to post the updated versions here. We recommend you to visit the terms-of-use section frequently to stay up-to-date.

In order to be consistent with everyday technology developments and to continuously upgrade our services , the eshop reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Terms of Use with the sole obligation to publish them on the website www.aloedicreta.com without prior notice to its users. 
Simultaneous posted or/and shared offers & promotional campaigns for the same items cannot be combined (unless stated otherwise). Also, note that offers and promotions are valid for items in stock. 

Description of Service

The eshop www.aloedicreta.com, is an online autonomous store, with its own pricing, payment terms, distribution and shipping system, promotional & offers strategy. 
The customer can place orders within the eshop as long as he or she registered upon entering the website of the eshop by choosing “Register as new member” or “Proceed as a guest”. Each customer is registered only once.

By choosing & registering a unique combination of Email & Password the user or/and customer is enabled:
-To check or modify the contents of his/her cart. The online shopping cart displays items that customer added to his/her cart. The customer can purchase products and at any stage of the order procedure (entering his/hers personal username and password) delete items, change quantity of the items contained in his/her cart.
- To complete the purchase by choosing one of the payment methods.

- To receive a confirmation email with order’s information and check his/her order status while in progress.
-To keep order history.
-To access and modify his/her personal information (address, contact info etc.) as mentioned below

Personal Information
Our online store collects only personal data that are absolutely necessary for the safe execution and dispatch of our clients' orders. The collection of your personal data is with your sole consent and concerns only the process of completing the purposes of this website and this eshop.

The eshop does not disclose to any third party any personal data of its customers / users without their prior consent. Being that stated our online store assures that the use of your personal data is legally performed and all the necessary security measures and precautions are taken in encrypted form. The online store will delete this information from its records in accordance with applicable law.

The customer has the right, in writing, to request and be informed about his personal data, that are kept by the eshop, the right to object and to correct them and the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time under the applicable law Articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997).

The online store shall take and apply all appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality between the user/customer and the transmitted information and data in accordance with the applicable legislation. However, the eshop does not guarantee the security of data transmitted over networks insofar, as such protection is not achieved by applying appropriate security measures imposed by law for any direct, indirect, positive, incidental, material or non-material damage possibly that the user/customer suffered by accessing the Internet.

Each time you choose either through the online ordering process or through the telephone ordering process to register your email address and/or your mobile phone number, you also choose to authorize us to store your personal information. The eshop will never use your personal data for purposes other than those mentioned herein. Your personal data are considered sacred for our eshop and will be used exclusively for your own benefit and with respect to your individuality and freedom of choice.

For any differences that may arise between customers or between customers and third parties and are due to messages, data or information that are passed on through the eshop, the latter declares that any removal of the customer's data privacy is only permitted if and to the extent that an eshop is obliged under the applicable law. It is expressly agreed that the above terms are governed by Greek law & the decisions of the institutionalized state organs that apply to the transactions of electronic commerce and the relevant provisions in force.

Personal Data Storage during New Customer Registration
Customer’s registration is necessary for the placement of any product order & purchase completion. When entering the new user data you are requested to fill in the following information: Name, Surname, Company Name, Activity, Address, ZIP, City-Area, Country, Telephone, Fax, E-mail address.

The data mentioned above are necessary in order to process & execute your order.
Please note that our eshop stores data only as long as the user or/and customer is active. 

Use of customer's personal data

Our eshop records and maintains the personal data only of those users who have registered as Members through the relevant webpage. The personal data mentioned above is necessary in order to provide the best possible services to users/customers and execute smoothly their purchased orders.

The online store will not disclose a Customer's e-mail address or other personal data for promotional or other promotional and / or communication purposes, unless explicitly consented to.

Deleting user’s/customer's personal data
The user/customer may request - at any time - that all his/her personal data to be removed from the eshop databases immediately if:

-he/she has stopped using the eshop services.

- he/she has no unpaid debts to eshop.

Automatically Recorded Information
aloedicreta.com uses web servers which based on their manufacturing specification and according to the accepted internet standards automatically record some information and the reasons are related to:

- instant diagnosis and resolution in case of online problem

- collection of demographic information (analytics)

- successful management of eshop services

This information is anonymous (not personally identifiable) and contains domain names and / or I.P. Addresses of the browsers visiting the eshop, the day and time of the visit and other (always) non-personalized identifiable information.

Cookie is a small piece of data sent to client’s browser from a web server and stored on his/her computer's hard disk. Cookies do not damage user’s/customer’s computer system and do not affect its functionality. Cookies also make web browsing easier for the user/customer by saving their settings and preferences. aloedicreta.com uses cookies to provide specialized services and content that meets to the user’s/customer's interests. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but the user usually can modify his/her browser setting to prevent them. Even without accepting cookies, the user can access most eshop services.

User’s/Customer’s Obligations
Our eshop customers are obliged:
- Not to use the eshop in any way that may result in prosecution or the commencement of any civil or administrative proceedings against the eshop for actions that are but not exclusively described in the Penal Code , In Special Criminal Laws, in Telecommunications Legislation, in Personal Data Protection Legislation as well as in the relevant provisions or directives of the European Union or the National Telecommunications Commission, the Privacy Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service.
- Not to violate any kind of third party Copyright
- To comply strictly with the applicable terms of use as well as the applicable privacy (personal data) protection regulations for eshop’s subscribers and/or users 
- To provide complete and accurate registration information which must be entered during the registration process.
- To update registered information in order to respond to the current real status. If eshop finds out inaccurate information regarding the user/customer it has the right to immediately cancel his/her account.
- To keep secure and not disclose to any third party the username and password of his/her account. It is necessary to immediately inform the eshop via email to info@aloedicreta.com or telephone call at in case there was unauthorized use of his/her account. Our online store is not responsible for any unauthorized use of user’s/customer’s username & password if has not been previously notified of it.
 - To assure that he/she has logged out from his/her account at the end of each session. 
- To provide correct and true information regarding the Payment and Shipping Methods of his/her purchased orders.

According to the Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece under the Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure is now available throughout the European Union. If the customer is a consumer (ie a natural person acting outside of a professional capacity) and has any problem regarding an order purchased from our eshop, he/she can initiate the ADR process through a single EU-wide platform for online dispute resolution ODE) available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage .
He/She can also contact the European Consumer Center at +30 2106460284, +30 2106460784 or email info@eccgreece.gr.

Service Modifications
aloedicreta.com reserves the right to modify or discontinue the services provided temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. Whenever a user/customer makes use of any service provided by the eshop he/she is considered to have unconditionally accepted these terms of use and unreservedly acknowledged that the eshop is not liable for any modification, suspension or interruption of the service.

Please note that product image differencies may occur at any time and are in the discretion of aloedicreta.com.

Products & Information – aloedicreta.com Liability
aloedicreta.com online store:
- Does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the user/customer  while browsing www.aloedicreta.com resuting from loss of or delay of reception or non-receipt or alteration of data. 
- Is not obliged to install, set up or fix any purchased item or product.
- Does not substitute and does not act as a health professional. Information about eshop products is not and does not replace any medical advice and general advice from any health scientist (eg dietician, nutritionist, etc.). The information accompanying the products is provided for informational purposes only and does not intend to replace the services, advices or recommendations of a physician or recognized health professional or to provide diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any illness
- Does not bear any responsibility for product-related information. The material, content and claims of the advertisements are copyright and the responsibility of the advertised brands. We do not offer any warranty, whether written or not, whether direct or indirect, regarding the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by our site. We disclaim any warranty, express or implied, direct or indirect, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
- For all electrical items, receipt of purchase is considered as the guarantee of each product (each company has a different warranty period). In case of malfunction  the online store is not responsible and the consumer must directly address to the company. 

Payment Methods
You can complete your purchase by choosing one of the following payment methods: 

-For orders up to 79,99 € the charge of cash on delivery service fee is 2 €. For orders from 80.00 € the delivery is FREE of charge. Products are shipped via courier and you pay the price upon receipt.

- Credit/Debit or prepaid Card: While filling in your card details, the bank binds but does not charge your bank account with the total amount of your order. Your credit card is debited only after invoicing. We choose to provide a safe & secured electronics credit card environment by using Ethniki Bank's security system, which is according and in compliance to the international transaction protection company PCI-DSS.

Deposit or Transfer to Corporate Bank

If you do not own a credit/debit or prepaid card or don’t want to pay the cash on delivery service fee you can pay your order by depositing or transferring the total amount to our corporate bank account. For your best service please provide to your bank your name and order No as payment reason.  Following the transaction please email us your bank receipt at info@aloedicreta.com  Below you can find our bank Accounts:


Ethniki (National) Bank: IBAN: GR44 0110 1310 0000 1310 0108 045 


*Customer bears any extra bank charges or fees.

- Paypal
By charging your Paypal Account

During the shipping/billing data registration you can choose if you want to issue a receipt or invoice.

Payment Security 
In order to provide a safe electronic credit card environment, we use the security system provided by collaborating bank or online platform Paypal.

aloedicreta.com is extremely proud of the up-to-date delivery system. Our customer can track his/her parcel at any stage of the progress or delivery procedure. If, by chance, a product is not available we will contact you by email or telephone as soon as possible. 
Items are sorted as:
- Available or limited Availability: product is shipped within 1-2 days from the purchase date (if order is placed until 14:00). 
- Out of stock: Product is not available and can’t be added to the cart. If a product is out of stock you should contact us or sign up for back-in-stock update. 

All orders are dispatched through ACS courier company.
Your order can be shipped to different address than your billing address if you check the field “different address” and fill in the new information. 
All orders are delivered at business days within 9:00 - 17:00.
Please note that order is delivered to shipping address.

 In the case of any defective product we will replace it immediately without any additional financial cost, as soon as we are notified either by telephone (+30 212 211 3800) or by e-mail info@aloedicreta.com .

In the case of a non-defective product, this may be returned if:

(A) You request refund or exchange within 14 days from the date of delivery (in which case the customer shall bear the shipping cost).

(B) The pachage is in its original condition (in which case the customer shall bear the shipping cost).

IMPORTANT: We don’t accept for return or exchange potable or edible items, lingerie or jewellery. In any case, in order for the refund to be accepted, the product must be accompanied by the order receipt.

Promotional Campaigns & Contests 
Our website may promote ads in any form, such as banners, text links and frames. Our Company respects the provisions of the existing legislation on unfair competition and consumer protection (Laws 146/1914 and 2251/1994). In particular, we abstain from unfair commercial practices, respecting the laws governing the operation of our eshop, acting with professional diligence following the codes of conduct that bind our commercial activity to motivate consumers and assist them using innovating services in a user-friendly environment . Keeping high standards of professional integrity, we are abstaining from misleading business practices. We provide our prospective customer with all the essential information about our products, full information about his consumer rights and full information on general and individual trading terms before he/she enters into our online store. Moreover, we are abstaining from aggressive commercial practices in promoting our products, while fully respecting the freedom of choice of our prospective customers by ensuring that they are fully informed of their legal rights or our rights.

Offers, discounts, gifts and promotional contests - to the extent permitted by applicable law (unfair competition and consumer protection)- are clearly identifiable, access to the terms under which offers or competitions are set is easy, and the terms are clearly and accurately presented. Furthermore, the provision of samples and gifts for promotional purposes, without prior request, is lawfully carried out in a lawful manner and with due respect to the applicable law (article 4, paragraph 5, subsection 2251/1994). The promotional actions carried out with the gift offer are valid until exhaustion of the gifts or/and stock. Our online store, with respect for your privacy, will never send you unsolicited emails (through spamming). Visitors / customers of the eshop agree to receive free promotional messages and emails for eshop offers, discounts, news and contests by subscribing to the eshop Newsletter or by registering their email during order procedure. You can easily unsubscribe if you don’t wish to continue receiving promotional stuff.

aloedicreta.com respects the rules governing the independence, dignity and ethics of the profession, professional secrecy, honesty towards customers and colleagues and ethical rules (7 DS 131/2003).